Shops + Sells
Brunswick Location

Describe your personal style in 3 words:
Soft, non colourish, classic/timeless OR turtle neck pack (I reckon I've got over 50!)

What keeps you busy?
Moved to Melbourne 10 months ago from the Netherlands. Working my bum off to save up and chase summer for the next 10 months.

A piece of clothing that you will never sell?
My Givenchy navy coat. Bought it for a couple of dollar. Tried to sell it a few times but I simply can't-do-it! 

Describe your favourite second hand find?
I've got myself a museum pieces from the first ever warehouse in the Netherlands. Out of the 50's. Gorgeous and handmade! So beautiful!

If you could learn a new skill overnight?
To be able to read "brail" It's so interesting and beautiful to learn such a speical language. 

What is your dream piece?
The golden necklace my grandmother gave me. It's sos simply beautiful and feminine and minimal.