How we work

We are a consignment store, which means we sell on your behalf.
Garments are curated based on quality, longevity and what we see selling in store.
We only accept garments that are freshly washed and free of marks.

How to participate

Become a member – you must be 16 years or older with photo ID.
Bring a minimum of five garments each time you consign with us.
You can come, find and collect any unsold items prior to your collection date.
You will be notified of your collection date by email, once consigned items have been priced.

How we price

We carefully price items, which can take up to three weeks.
We send members an email once items have been priced. Members contact us within 24 hours if they do not wish to proceed.
Items move through three pricing phases during their seven weeks in store: four weeks at full price; two weeks at half price; and the final week at 70% off the original price.
When items sell, members receive 50% ex GST of the price.

We look for...

We are always happy to take a look at any garments you are looking to consign.
Some of our favourite things include;

  • Timeless garments
  • Beautiful fabrics 
  • Unique pieces
  • Fresh Laundry