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Brunswick Location

Describe your personal style in 3 words:
Sensitive Rave

What keeps you busy?
I took a pedometer out to the club one night and I danced 15km. So I do a lot of high-intensity cardio.
More importantly, I love my friends and do things with them. 

A piece of clothing that you will never sell?
My gold Seiko watch. A mentor of mine gave it to me and now they have fled the country, living it up somewhere in the Virgin Islands.
I still check my Iphone for the time. 

Describe your favourite second hand find?
People talk about manifesting their dreams, like getting a good job or meeting their soul mate (some of us have more than one). I manifested this Wu-Tang Jacket on Sydney Road. 

If you could learn a new skill overnight?
Absorb my friends anxiety through touch and then put my hands in the soil and a tree grows.

What is your dream piece?
Raf Simons AW03 "Power Corruption Lies"  Mod Parka. It's really cool and 'Blue Monday' by New Order is a mega track. It's 7K online. Ridiculous.