Brunswick Location

Describe your personal style in 3 words:
Diverse, Durable, Denim

What keeps you busy?
Studying gender sexuality diversity and riding bikes and making scrolls. 

A piece of clothing that you will never sell?
A mustard winter coat mum made in her form three.

Describe your favourite second hand find?
A jumper I found in San Francisco - it's pretty simple - forresty colours, baggy sleeves, light weight. Saw it and thought of my friend, he wears it all the time.  


If you could learn a new skill overnight?
Foreign languages. I want to know all the words.

What is your dream piece?
A jacket that lasts forever that has big pockets, a strap you can put a bike lock in, warm enough for winder, light enough to pack for travel, that you can do anything in and that carries all the history of those who wear it.