Shops + Sells
Brunswick/Collingwood Locations

Describe your personal style in 3 words:
Uniform, Practical, Tiny embellishments

What keeps you busy?
My mind. It runs a million miles an hour. I struggle to keep up but I enjoy trying.

A piece of clothing that you will never sell?
Id sell anything. Or give away. Its important for me to let go when I'm ready.

Describe your favourite second hand find?
Anything already dirty/damaged that I don't need to be precious with. An old Burberry trench I picked up for $5 is a classic example. Now I wear it climbing trouble storm water drains and running through fields.

If you could learn a new skill overnight?
Violin. Yes please.

What is your dream piece?
The ring my grandmother gave me for my eleventh birthday. I lost it a week later. It was gorgeous, a vintage silver piece she found in an op shop I still dream of finding it.