Recycle Boutique



How We Work

We sell quality clothing on behalf of you. 
Our stores accept a range of mens and womens items based on the life cycle, condition, quality and style.
You receive 50% ex GST*  when items sell in store. 


What We Accept

We support a sustainable clothing culture.
To ensure our stores stay true to our company ethos we accept items based on the life cycle. We consider how it is made and what it is made from. Store are currently accepting summer season. 


What you will need

Minimum of 5 accepted items
Photo ID (government issued)
Our stores accept drop offs: 7 days a week



Please bring in your items freshly washed and remove stains.

Quality & brand

Due to the unsustainable nature of fast fashion, we are not able to accept mass produced items. Generally these items have shorter life cycles and are difficult to sell second hand.


age & style

We accept based on what we see selling in store. You are welcome to bring in items from all decades.